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Make your product or project’s Installations and maintenance easy by subscribing to Trackkr, Which is going to be your dedicated latitude longitude assistant accessible anywhere anytime(24 x 7). Yes, we mean anytime.

trackkr at its full throat

Whole Ecosystem at your fingers

One platform to cater all your needs from adding your projects and managing human resources to generating automated reports for you as well as for your clients.

System to input all your data

As business owner or product manager use a single portal to input your product information and add/manage your human resources effectively. Employees can track their tasks on their respective mobile apps.

Automated Reports and Notifications

System knows it all. Get your automatically generated reports and job lists at just one click, along with that automatic notifications and reminders can be integrated too.

Trackkr offers

Our Feature List

Here are the features we are offering on our web portal as well as mobile application. For more clarification Contact Us.

Organized Products

List and manage your products on your dashboard.

Assign Jobs On the Go

Keep creating jobs and assign to your staff related to products.

Keep Track of Locations

Add your product installation locations from web or mobile.


Each user can attach notes and notify their superiors.

Global Access

System can be used anytime anywhere from your system.


Automated reports generated by our powerful AI engines.

What are we trying to solve

Today , in India, under CSR projects and government initiatives more than 10 lac solar street lights, more than 10 lac solar pumps and more than 10 lac solar rooftops have been installed. Most of these installations involve yearly maintenance contracts and performance guarantees.


Do you know when installations were done???

Think about it.


how many times technician visited sites for maintenance???

Think about it.


automatically compute total expense incurred???

Think about it.

Why Choose Trackkr

Single Platform to do it all

We ensure our clients to fulfill all their requirements and deliver best experience along with it.

How do you extract information?

By just single click, you can download all information related to product installations and maintenance.

Already have got AMC? No worries.

We will help you generate charts for your existing AMC and you can submit it to your clients/superiors.

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Unlimited Locations

Unlimited Staff

Unlimited Projects

Impressed enough?

Hit us an email saying hello, our team will understand your requirements and provide a platform which is suited best for your business and needs.

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